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News & Events

Why corporate social responsibility is a must for South African businesses

What is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and why is it so important for businesses to include CSR as part of their brand strategy? We’re taking a deep dive into the ins and outs of corporate citizenship and how it contributes to building a bright future for South Africa. Read more here….

High Awareness for SDGs Among SA Business Community

A report released by PwC on the level of awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in South Africa…. Read the full article here….

SA Companies Invest Over R9 billion in CSI (2016/2017 Financial Year Study)

Despite challenging economic conditions, South African companies are estimated to have invested over R9 billion in corporate social investment (CSI) in the 2016/2017 financial year – compared to R1.5 billion 20 years ago. The most popular social cause is education (accounting for almost half of CSI spend) followed by social and community development, and health. Read […]

Top 10 Sustainability Trends for 2018

The top ten sustainability trends predicted to dominate 2018: Read full article here….. 1.  Role of technology 2.  Cities planning for climate change 3.  Cultural divide 4.  Corporate breakdown of silos  5.  Fake news driving real news 6.  Cross-Company collaboration 7.  Sector-wide collaboration with consumers 8. Generation Z influence 9.  Companies aligning initiatives around United Nations […]

How Digital Transformation Aligns With Corporate Social Responsibility

Digital transformation officially has a higher purpose: saving our planet. Yes, the technology movement we credit with improving customer experience and changing the face of the modern business landscape has an even bigger calling. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that if companies don’t actively seek to make sustainability an integral part of their digital strategy, […]