Case Study: Butterfield Bakery Project

bakery pic 2

Phola Butterfield Bakery Project is one of the projects under the Establishment of 10 SMME’s within Emalahleni Local Municipality that Exxaro Matla Coal committed to implement as one of their  SLP projects. 

 This initiative is a partnership between Exxaro and Butterfields bakery. Butterfields’ involvement in the project is to ensure sustainability and growth, they have an extensive programme on training the beneficiaries.    

Preparation of this project started in 2011 and it was officially opened on the 24 October 2012. 

Exxaro-Matla has sponsored this project with an amount of R2 157 099.02 (two million one hundred and fifty seven thousand and ninety nine rand and two cents). 


 There are 17 direct beneficiaries who all come from Phola Township  

  • 5 Directors
  • 2 cashiers
  • 10 Bakers

The Phola bakery employees have all undergone theoretical and practical training at the Butterfields offices. 

  The beneficiaries are grateful to Matla for this opportunity and are ready for the challenge of running a business. They are aware that Phola community will benefit in various ways in terms of skills training and reducing unemployment rates.


Job Creation through partnerships and skills development

Lessons Learnt

To establish a stable and reliable clientele requires persistence and good marketing skills. It is always important to budget for future unexpected costs that might arise. (Due to things like theft and damage) To practically operate any business, entrepreneurial and basic management skills are essential for the beneficiaries of a project.