Case Study: Mogolo Academy Civil Skills

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Exxaro has achieved a positive impact in Lephalale by offering the youth and adults opportunity to learn construction skills such as brick laying, carpentry, plastering, roofing and tiling. The fast growth pace of Lephalale town demands the named skills. Most people are able to get jobs in different construction companies. The establishment of Mogolo Civil Skills Development came at the right time when construction companies in Lephalale are in dire need of these offered skills.

Individual Impact

 The establishment of Mogolo Civil Skills Development project drastically changed individual members from ordinary Lephalale citizens to a skilled community and local employable population.   About 600 youth have received training on civil skills and 70% are employed by construction companies at Medupi Power Station.

From this skills development programme, Boitlhamo Construction company was established. This business is owned by 3 students who received training on Civil Skills from Mogol Academy. This has also created job opportunities for 12 people from the community.

 Setting up the project

  A skills audit was conducted to determine the skills gap in Lephalale Municipality. Due to the growth of Lephalale, it was found that more construction skills were needed. Stakeholders in education were involved in this study.

Mogolo Academy Skills Development project started in 2007 with a long term vision of closing the wide skills shortage in Lephalale with a focus on the construction sector.  Local students who failed entrance into FET Colleges were offered a life-time opportunity of enrolling for skills development subjects that would equip them with the knowledge of what is relevant in the construction market and they would gain practical experience too.


Making an impact through Skills Development

Lessons Learnt

Success and sustainability of a community project depends on a serious commitment and collaboration from all stakeholders. A good working relationship between Exxaro and stakeholders, e.g.: Provincial, District and Local government, Private Sector and NGO’s, was formed to build mutual trust which is needed to add value and change lives in communities where Exxaro operates. These stakeholder relationships have assisted in identification of community projects, implementation and monitoring of projects. With such relationships this project is enjoying real success. Challenges with stakeholders Stakeholder commitment is critical; projects can take longer than expected if partners do not fulfill their roles. It is not always possible to achieve a goal set by a big organization like Exxaro, because of high expectations from role players, and this becomes a serious challenge. Engaging with communities and bringing them on board is not always easy because of the political environment. Good working relationships have been formed with our local communities. We continuously engage with our Traditional and Political Leaders to ensure that we maintain the relationships. In the case of starting Mogolo Academy Skills Development Project, no major stumbling blocks were encountered because Exxaro had a site and buildings where an institution was to operate and execute its daily activities. The process of accreditation with the Construction SETA is however taking longer than expected.