Case Study: Partnering for Maths & Science Impact


The Coega Maths and Science Programme  is a programme aimed at assisting learners from Grade 10 to 12 to improve their Maths and Science results.  This is done through:

  1. Mobile Science Laboratory Project – aimed at Grade 10 – 12 school based learners.  The project provides the practical element to Physical Science by conducting all CASS-related science experiments for learners with no access to science laboratories or equipment.  The CDC employs ex Science educators and upgrades them to Lab Managers.  Through this project, Physical Science comes alive and becomes an enjoyable subject for the learners.  There is also a transfer of skill that takes place between our Lab Manager and the School-based Science Educators;
  1. Maths and Science Centre – this project caters for learners who did not do well in Maths and Science in Grade 12 and are in need of upgrading their results to qualify for Science, Engineering and Technology studies.  Learners are hosted at the CDC premises for a year and a three year based curriculum (Grade 10 -12) is covered during this one year.  The Top five learners are then awarded a bursary to study at NMMU, in the field of Science, Engineering and Technology.

How we went about establishing the Programme:  This programme was established in 2013 after identifying a need through our Science Mobile Lab (SML) Project.  In the SML Project we accommodate learners that are school based, we were then faced with the challenge of learners that do not do very well in their Grade 12 Maths and Science and we had nowhere to refer these learners, since most of the bridging programmes are very costly.  The idea then came about of Coega starting the Maths and Science Centre which is linked to the SML Project.  There was a lot of research done since we acknowledged that this is not Coega’s core function.  We engaged different stakeholders and visited similar programmes across the country trying to come up with a model that will work for us.

The role of Coega is to provide funding for this programme – currently it is 100% funded by Coega, including providing resources to implement the programme as well as monitor and evaluating progress of the programme.

Schools participating in the Mobile Science Laboratory project are selected based on their location – they must be in close proximity of existing Coega infrastructure projects, have an effective school governance system in place and support of the Department of Education.

Learners participating in the Maths and Science Centre need to apply in order to participate in the programme via our website: click here


Partnering for Maths & Science Impact

Lessons Learnt

Partnerships are critically important – relevant partnerships enable the programme to grow. The role played by the EC Provincial Department of Education in quality assurance cannot be underestimated and the existing partnership between CDC and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Conducting research & in depth planning is critical to a project’s success.

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