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City’s Hi-Tech Facility To Boost Food Security

The City of Johannesburg Department of Health and Social Development launched a new aquaponics facility near the Elias Motsoaledi Clinic in Orlando West. The land was provided by the City of Johannesburg and will give school food gardens a hi-tech twist. MMC for Health and Social Development, Councillor Mpho Phalatse, unveiled the facility which is […]

Inpactor ICO (CSR Token): Humanitarian Cryptocurrency Coin?

Inpactor is considered as the world’s first one-stop kind of platform, that has been able to connect various brands to causes and multiple volunteers. It allows the volunteers to quickly create and even implement several humanitarian projects, as a return earn some incentives for their performance and effort. Inpactor is the technology that has been created […]

How AI and robotics can transform CSR

Prof Al Naqvi of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence outlines how the deployment of intelligent machines will allow companies to overcome the problems that have impeded corporate social responsibility In his 2011 book charting the history of corporate social responsibility, the academic and futurist Wayne Visser divided CSR into five ages: greed, philanthropy, marketing, management, and […]

Using innovative ways to keep learners full and healthy

In some schools, the only meal that learners are going to have for the day will be from a feeding scheme. And this is what pushed Inmed Partnerships for Children to come up with innovative ways to ensure that learners are not only fed but are healthy. Read full article here….  

IoT & CSR: Better Together

Corporate Social Responsibility programs are no longer just great socially, they are clearly great business. 93% of the world’s largest 250 companies now publish annual corporate responsibility reports. The initiatives included in CSR programs at huge companies like Walmart achieve powerful objectives for conserving natural resources while increasing corporate profits and improving brand reputation.. The Internet of […]

Why corporate social responsibility is a must for South African businesses

What is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and why is it so important for businesses to include CSR as part of their brand strategy? We’re taking a deep dive into the ins and outs of corporate citizenship and how it contributes to building a bright future for South Africa. Read more here….

High Awareness for SDGs Among SA Business Community

A report released by PwC on the level of awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in South Africa…. Read more here….

SA Companies Invest Over R9 billion in CSI (2016/2017 Financial Year Study)

Despite challenging economic conditions, South African companies are estimated to have invested over R9 billion in corporate social investment (CSI) in the 2016/2017 financial year – compared to R1.5 billion 20 years ago. The most popular social cause is education (accounting for almost half of CSI spend) followed by social and community development, and health. Read […]

Top 10 Sustainability Trends for 2018

The top ten sustainability trends predicted to dominate 2018: Read more here….. 1.  Role of technology 2.  Cities planning for climate change 3.  Cultural divide 4.  Corporate breakdown of silos  5.  Fake news driving real news 6.  Cross-Company collaboration 7.  Sector-wide collaboration with consumers 8. Generation Z influence 9.  Companies aligning initiatives around United Nations SDGs […]

How Digital Transformation Aligns With Corporate Social Responsibility

Digital transformation officially has a higher purpose: saving our planet. Yes, the technology movement we credit with improving customer experience and changing the face of the modern business landscape has an even bigger calling. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that if companies don’t actively seek to make sustainability an integral part of their digital strategy, […]