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Next CSI Connect Webinar: 12 June 2014

Network, share lessons learnt and hear case studies from your peers. For more information click here

FREE EBOOK- Finding your way with online media: An implementation guide for nonprofits

Learn how to implement your online media strategy. Click here to download it

New Research Report Reveals Corporate Social Responsibility Trends in Mid-sized Companies

“Most mid-size companies have a business-with-a-purpose mindset,” said Joshua Dome, general manager of Business4Better. “We conducted this research to understand the gaps and opportunities, with the ultimate goal of creating action plans for executives trying to infuse social good as part of the way they do business.” The Business4Better research report reveals mid-sized companies’ desires to […]

MOMENTUM 94.7 CYCLE CHALLENGE – Ride for a Purpose!

The Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is one of South Africa’s biggest charity races! The race takes place on Sunday, November 17th 2013 in our beautiful city of Johannesburg. We are searching for individuals who are motivated cyclists who would be encouraged by the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge ‘Ride for a Purpose’, and would like to […]

A CSR Strategy Evolves…

“In the wake of the financial crisis, your industry continues to face high scrutiny and low trust. How is society better off because of what JPMorgan Chase does?” – See more

UN Global Compact Boots 99 Companies

The UN Global Compact has expelled 99 companies in the first half of 2013 for failure to communicate progress for at least two consecutive years. Read More

CSI Connect: A forum for like-minded CSI Practitioners

CSI Connect is a growing network of like minded CSI Practitioners who subscribe to the CSR Library. It is all about connecting as CSI Practitioners and brings you opportunities to network, share lessons learnt, case studies and practical support. Our next CSI Connect webinar is on the 11th July at 9am focusing on Employee Volunteering, […]

Top Five Ways to Merchandize Your Corporate Sustainability Report

When all is said and done, how many people will read your entire corporate sustainability report (CSR), from beginning to end? Chances are that only a few eager readers will read the whole report. Since many of your stakeholders may not delve enthusiastically into the technical details, it may take some additional effort and a […]

Top 5 CSR Trends for 2013

For years now we have summed up the main events of the past year in our end-of-the-year post. Before we are too far into the New Year we thought we should also ratchet up the game a little by sharing our two cents on what the future might hold in store for the world of […]

CSI News: South Africa: Funding Civil Society in South Africa – Where Does the Money Go?

Last week South African NGO, The Institute for Democracy in Africa (Idasa) announced its closure for lack of funds. Many have asked how this could happen when donor funding to South Africa is at a ten year high? Participating donors report their financial disbursements to the OECD as part of a coordination and anti-corruption mechanism. […]