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CSI Training: The CSI Masterclass is now available

Our CSI Mastreclass is now available as an E-Learning tool.  This means you can sit at your desk and go through the training at your own time. If you miss something you can go back, or if you get called to an urgent meeting you can pick up where you left off at any time. You […]

CSI News: Good Practices

Over the past few months I have been conducting meetings and interviews with many CSI Practitioners to try and understand why we are not seeing the results that we should, given the billions that are being spent on CSI annually. It is evident that there is a lack of coordination in our industry. Despite this, […]

Case Study: Momentum’s CSI

The following outlines Momentum’s approach to how they identified a project as well as how they ensure their programme makes an impact: Momentum’s approach to tackling CSI is based on starting interventions in areas where there seem to be gaps as a country when it comes to social development. As we are faced with various […]

Identifying a project to support

I am often asked:”How do we identify the right project to support?” My first response is always don’t rush into it! You need to take a step back and first understand your company position, before you try and solve community problems. 1) Start with a purpose Know why your company is doing CSI? Clarify your […]

How to raise funds for non-profits

Yesterday I attended a meeting called “The Future of Fundraising” organized by Jennifer McCrea with the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University. It was at the Harvard Club in New York. It was a small group with a bunch of heavy hitters including some of the best fund raisers in the world. I […]

Top five reasons responsible sourcing could be good for your company

The challenge of making sure your supply chain is environmentally responsible is a big one. Especially if your organisation is large, and works with lots of companies providing products and services. But this is a challenge that is becoming harder to ignore – and what’s more, by tackling it head on, you could bring some […]

Can You Conquer Investing With a Conscience?

Once regarded as something of a fringe strategy, socially responsible investing, or SRI, has grown respectable. The movement has brought a sense of purpose or higher calling to the investing table, along with the results that matter to investors — strong, solid returns. Naysayers have charged that limiting portfolio diversity would automatically lead to poor […]

Lessons for Social Enterprises

Imagine you have devoted the last three years of your life to coming up with a new innovative enterprise to meet the needs of the poor. You came up with the idea, worked tirelessly to prove the concept and put together the best team that you could find. Now imagine that you have 3 minutes […]

Communication Patterns of CSR within and across industries

Key Findings •While there is commonality in CSR communication at the institutional level, differences exist across industries. •The results present evidence of mimicry of CSR communication within industries, and they demonstrate that, at both the institutional and economic industry level of analysis, corporations give communication primacy to ethical and philanthropic responsibilities over legal and economic […]