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Great Ideas: 5 Ways to maximise your Grant Funding

It’s a challenging time for nonprofit organizations. There is more need in every community, but less overall funding to help organizations deliver programs. A majority of nonprofit leaders anticipate greater demand for services, yet many of them are unsure their organizations will be able to meet this demand. Funding shortages are driving staffing reductions, and […]

Interesting Read: Where is social Investment heading?

Can social investment really take off? Social investment is the phrase of the moment. It is bringing exciting new people with new vocabularies and new agendas into the sector…. read full article:

Great article: Good intentions aren’t good enough…

Should Philanthropies Operate Like Businesses? It’s your money, and you’re willing to give some of it away to a worthy cause. But you want to see results. Measurable progress toward agreed-upon goals. Regular proof that your investment is achieving maximum impact. That’s the way businesses operate, and charities should be no different. ….  read the […]

Private sector can play an important part in tackling dwindling resources

The involvement of businesses and NGOs in tackling our dwindling resources is essential, says Stuart Orr, but there’s trust to be built…

A health check on our social enterprises’ & charities’ business models

How CSR Influences Buying Behaviour: Top 5

  The following is a list of the world’s best research findings related to CSR and consumer buying behaviour.Taken from top-tier journals such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Research, these research insights help marketers and sustainability managers asses and adapt their CSR-based marketing strategies.