Top five reasons responsible sourcing could be good for your company

The challenge of making sure your supply chain is environmentally responsible is a big one. Especially if your organisation is large, and works with lots of companies providing products and services. But this is a challenge that is becoming harder to ignore – and what’s more, by tackling it head on, you could bring some real benefits for your organisation.
So we’ve put together our top five reasons why working with the companies in your supply chain to help them become more environmentally responsible could be a very good move for your business.
1. It will cut your costs
Cutting costs is always good news for an organisation. And working with your supply chain is a great way of doing it. Helping your suppliers to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently, and find new ways to deal with waste, will cut down on costs. These savings can then be passed down throughout the whole supply chain.

2. It will help you manage risks
If irresponsible practices in your supply chain come to light, it could lead to significant damage to your businesses reputation. Businesses are being held accountable for environmental problems created by suppliers, such as environmental pollution and damage to biodiversity. This will reflect badly on your organisation. But by working with your supply chain, you can find out exactly what these risks could be, and take steps now to manage them. That way, you’ll avoid nasty surprises that could be costly for your business.

3. It will cut your carbon footprint
For some businesses, up to 80% of their carbon footprint could come from their supply chains. So if you have carbon reduction targets, or will be affected by new legislation, working with your supply chain offers big opportunity to cut your emissions. If you’ve already cut emissions in your own operations, then working with your supply chain is a great way to carry on reducing your footprint, to achieve continual improvement.

4. It will give you a competitive edge
If you act now, you can get ahead of your competitors in making sure your operations are as responsible as possible. And this could make a big difference in winning business. More and more tenders for work – from both the public and private sector – are scrutinising not only your environmental credentials, but those of your supply chain as well. So working with your supply chain now, will give you the competitive edge for future bids for work.

5. It will help you work together with your suppliers – to everyone’s benefit
Helping your suppliers to become as responsible as possible is great for cutting your emissions and costs. But it will also mean that you’ll find new opportunities that you may never have known about if you weren’t so close to your suppliers

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