Case Study: Momentum’s CSI

The following outlines Momentum’s approach to how they identified a project as well as how they ensure their programme makes an impact:
Momentum’s approach to tackling CSI is based on starting interventions in areas where there seem to be gaps as a country when it comes to social development. As we are faced with various challenges in various communities, Momentum identified that disability is not being given the support it needs and therefore as Momentum they took the initiative to be involved in that space.

Disability falls within the health sector, but few companies are coming to the aid of people with disabilities. Momentum developed the first known CSI programme in the country for people with disabilities, to provide care, education and prevention initiatives.
Secondly, Momentum also focus on orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) as they believe that they are the future of our country. The programme addresses their needs holistically through education, health and social services.

Momentum’s CSI programme is making an impact because of their programmatic approach to social investing which involves making larger contributions to fewer organisations for a longer period of time (3 years).
“We also need to mention that while designing our programmes we work closely with the development specialists to ensure that our programme objectives are aligned to national priorities and the Millennium Development Goals. Through our disability programme we also support and strengthen the abilities and capabilities of people with disabilities to cope better in mainstream life, whilst supporting and strengthening the abilities and capabilities of society to include people with disabilities.”