Identifying a project to support

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I am often asked:”How do we identify the right project to support?”

My first response is always don’t rush into it!
You need to take a step back and first understand your company position, before you try and solve community problems.

1) Start with a purpose
Know why your company is doing CSI?
Clarify your expectations and reasons for getting involved.

2) Do not try and be everything to everyone
You need to consider your time, resources, length of involvement and capacity before you imbark on a project.
Be realistic given your situation, if you are only one person managing CSI you need to take this into account.
Rather make an impact in one small area than just spending money in many focus areas.

3) Understand the real need and then identify an appropriate solution.
Dig deeper to find the real problem, don’t just touch the surface and go with the first suggestion. Engage with NGO’s and implementation partners about the real issues. Be accountable and make sure you know what you are getting involved in!

Creating sustainable impact is all about systemic intervention!

To get you started, here are some great tools and guidelines for identifying projects: