The CSR Libraries’ purpose is to increase the availability of relevant information, resources and tools which have been categorised and stored in one central repository for CSI, CSR, development and NGO practitioners’ convenience.

What it is

The CSR Library is a collection of resources CSI Solutions’ have developed; it consists of resources that were used to create the CSI Toolkit as well as resources from various other sources. Many documents may appear to be slightly dated, we believe that these are still relevant resources and help in building depth of knowledge in this field. This library is continuously being updated with new and relevant resources. We, at CSI Solutions, believe that the depth and detail of the variety of articles has much value and should be used in conjunction with the CSI Toolkit. The articles, reports, guidelines and templates are all categorised according to chapters and themes within the toolkit as well as key words for easy access. A brief summary is provided to save you downloading the whole article if it is not of significance.

We welcome input, feedback and suggestions to improve this platform for you as the user. Enjoy!


Although great care has been taken to ensure that all articles and information contained in the CSR Library are as accurate and complete as possible. CSI Solutions cannot accept any legal responsibility for the information given or the opinions expressed in it.

While all possible attempts have been made to acknowledge the sources of information contained within the text, there may be instances where the origin of information was not clear or that the article no longer has a direct link to a specific website. In the event of such an instance, please contact us so that omissions can be rectified.