CSI Opportunities

Name of organisation Type of entity Development sector INPUTS: How much can beinvested for a measurable outcome Number of DIRECT beneficiaries that your programme has assisted Expected Social Outputs from investment i.e. training and mentoring for 10 teachers over 1 year What are the expected social benefits/impact of this project.
WESSA Eco-Schools NGO Environment & Education R35 000 for Adopting a School;R350 000 for supporting a cluster of Eco-Schools,

R1.5 million for supporting a Province/ Conservation Project on an annual basis

from 1500 learners Schools will implement the 7 step Eco-Schools framework and  receive an award for whole- school development that has an environmental education learning focus and an implemented conservation/ sustainability project Improved quality education through teacher development on “new science” knowledge in the curriculum,such as sustainable use of resources (eg. Water use), climate change adaptation, food security, reduced biodiversity loss. Direct positive impacts on school environment through sustainability project eg. food garden and improved learning and behaviour change through ESD supported learning methods (reduced environmental impacts)
The Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences NGO Education R15000                                                                                                       R20000 to  R500000 from 20 teachers on a 3 day training.       Training, monitoring and follow up with 10 teachers 10-15% gain in learning each year
The Children’s Hospital Trust PBO Paediatric Healthcare The equipment for this project can range from R2 000 to R50 000 depending on the needs of the child: a portible ventilator costs approximately R50 000 which also requires a humidifier (R20 000) to function; a manual suction device costs R2 000 and an electric suction machine costs in the region of R4 500. In 2011, this programme treated 100 children For every patient treated (100 per annum) in this programme, a parent is trained to care for their medical needs. This programme enables the children to remain in and become a participating member of their community. As their parent(s) become the primary technical carer, they are able to go back to school and engage in their community activities.
Jewels of Hope NGO&PBO Entrepreneurship, mentorship R78,984 annual cost for 1 Jewels of Hope “Connect Group” of 5 teens/youth + 1 adult Trainer to become sustainable in jewellery-making entrepreneurship 2012 beneficiaries: 35 teens/youth + 7 adult Trainers;     2013 beneficiaries to increase to 45 teens/youth + 9 adult Trainers R78,984 will provide 3 terms’ bead kits, packing cards, mentorship manuals and jewellery manuals for 5 teens/youth + 1 Trainer during 1 year Financial sustainability within 1 year for 1 “Connect Group” to continue their jewellery-making entrepreneurship independently and confidently
Children of the Dawn NGO&PBO Poverty alleviation Basic cost per child is R240 pm so monthly basic care package for 807  children currently in the programme is R193 680. We would like to expand to target 850 children. So we would need R204 000 pm. Any contributioninsures a decent future for these children. 807 rural and orphaned children currently – Over 1000 in total in the past 10 years. R222 000 will assist us to holistically take care of 50 children, i.e. fulfill basic needs such nutrition, schooling and psycho-social support. It will also enable us to implement meaningful guidance and educational assistance for 12 months. 1) Decrease of school drop-out rate  2) Increase of percentage of beneficiaries reaching tertiary and/or technical colleges3) Improved health and family situations
Project Literacy NPO/Section 21 Education and Training: ABET Project costs to train 40 learners on English and numeracy = R224,000.00 316000 40 illiterate youths/ adults develop/ improve their numerical as well as communication skills. The programmes offered are accredited and learners will thus achieve nationally recognized certificates and SAQA endorsed credits on the National Qualifications Framework.Move on to study further at FET colleges. Increases prospects of employability for our learners. This contributes to Social Cohesion and nation building.
FOUR PAWS Animal Welfare Foundation PBO Education: Animal Welfare Education R200 000.00 to train 2000 children Around 2000 children (most of them  in the rural areas who would not otherwise get it ) are benefiting from   the Animal Welfare Education program The total potential long-term impact is immense. R200 000.00 will assist 2000 Young people to finally be able to have the resources to understand how animals feel and need be treated. Need to care for environment and their social space over 1 year. 20 % of young people will be able to do well in Natural sciences and Life sciences
Reach For A Dream Foundation PBO/NGO Child welfare, Life-threatening illness
  1. R7 000 is the average cost of a dream
1334 and1500 Parents, camp staff, and children reported significant growth in:Self-esteem; Peer relationships, Independence; Adventure and exploration; Leadership; environmental awareness, Friendship skills; Values and decisions; Social comfort;  Spirituality • Positive developmental environments for youth, especially in providing supportive relationships with adults and peers, and in skill building. • While strengths vary by camp type and sponsor, ALL camps have the potential to provide positive experiences foundational to practicing successful life skills. Aim of Camp Sunshine? • To take children out of the hospital environment for a weekend of fun • To make children feel like children again through play and interaction with their peers • To encourage a social support system where children can share their feelings with other children who have had similar experiences • To build self-esteem and confidence by rewarding each child for their courage in fighting their illness • Psycho-social support for children who have similar experiences of illness • Learning through play and fun Encouraging self esteem and self-awareness    Rewarding each child individually
Zenex Foundation NPO Education: Maths, Science and language education in schools. R3,725,724 for 36 teachers for a B Ed (Mathematics) degree and classroom support over 4 years. 36 teachers 36 qualified Maths teachers after 4 years, improved teaching of Maths at FET level, improved learner performance in Maths, the establishment of classes to sustain the impact of the intervention. Overall improvement in school performance in Maths and other subjects as a spin-off, learners passing matric with better results enabling them to take advantage of opportunities for growth in the job market or in higher education institutions.